Asakusa ICHIMON main outlet



  • Japanese
  • Izakaya
  • Kobe Beef / Wagyu Beef
  • Organic


  • Tokyo
  • Asakusa


3 minutes from Asakusa station on Tsukuba line and 10 minutes from Tawaramachi station on Ginza line


  • ¥5,000

Good For

  • business
  • family
  • friends
  • couple
  • group
  • big group
  • Private Room
  • Non-Smoking Seats
  • All You Can Drink Plan
  • Birthday Privilege
  • English Menu
  • Vegetarian

Concept :

Asakusa Ichimon offers Edo-style cuisine in a traditional Japanese house that was built nearly 70 years ago. The interior is furnished in classic Japanese decor, with chairs, a counter and some seats surrounding a tatami mat and hearth, while including such rare features as a functioning water wheel.

Key Points :

Ichimon’s attention to detail is expressed on every front: The vegetables are organic, and true to traditional Edo cuisine, the seafood is fresh and wild-caught, the eggs are sourced from famed Okukuji chickens and the seasonings — all the way down to the salt and sugar used in the dishes — are selected from among the best in the country. This restaurant gets its name from Japan’s old currency system, in which guests would exchange money with a wooden tablet at a rate of one tablet per ¥100. In true Edo fashion, Ichimon offers diners the chance to engage in this tradition. Of course, guests’ unused currency can be redeemed later, though cash and card transactions are also accepted.

Recommended Dishes :

The restaurant’s specialty is "Edo Negima Nabe" (¥4,000 for 2 people) made using the most savory cuts of tuna and fresh leeks. The freshness of the vegetables paired with the soup’s rich broth is an exceptional combination. In addition, grilled ribs (¥2,500) using Hayama Wagyu beef and stewed beef tendons (¥500) are two highly recommended dishes.
3-12-6 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
3 minutes from Asakusa station on Tsukuba line and 10 minutes from Tawaramachi station on Ginza line
03-3875-6800(Please mention JAPAN for making reservations)
Mon-Fri: 6pm-11pm, Sat, Sun & Hol: 5pm-10pm
Closed On:
80 seats
Credit cards accepted:
  • visa
  • master
  • jcb
  • amex
  • diners

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