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Chill Sake Bar


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コンセプト :

Hidden in the heart of Akasaka business district near the Imperial Palace, CHILL LABO AKASAKA is a newly opened sake bar wrapped in a modern and relaxing atmosphere. You will find the bar through the wooden door of a 100-year-old Japanese house. Walk up the stairs and on the second floor is a chill hang out. The original concept of CHILL LABO AKASAKA is to have all-you-can-taste drinking experience.

キーポイント :

If you are wondering about the name, the owner’s major was pharmaceuticals, so he chose the name from that industry. He wanted to create a place to experiment with flavors just as is done in a lab. At CHILL LABO AKASAKA, you will not be served sake the standard 180ml sake serving but a half-size 90ml serving so you can try and taste many sakes until you find your favorites.
The owners, both fluent in English are a couple who spent time in Sydney, where they adopted the “chill out” culture. They naturally wanted to include this vibe in their bar. Comfy sofas, chairs, 2 projectors and chill music accompany the bar experience. The owner is a sake lover he will be delighted to make a special selection for each customer visiting based on their preferences. Twice a month an English woman, a sake lover, herself, will come to the bar to entertain guests, introducing tailored selections of sake and giving her best recommendations.

お勧め料理 :

At CHILL LABO AKASAKA guests will be able to enjoy over 50 sake varieties, more than 10 types of shochu and 7 types of Japanese whisky Including Hibiki 21 (winner of the World’s Best Blended Whisky, 2019 World Whiskies Awards). Side dishes and snacks are available to accompany the drink tasting experience. The menu changes daily and another unique twist is that CHILL LABO AKASAKA, allows guests to bring their own food!
You can choose from different plans of all-you-can-taste including sake, shochu, whisky, liqueurs, beer and gin starting at ¥3,000 for 1 hour of all-you-can-taste. If you want more, an extra ¥1,000 will buy an additional hour. Guests can keep going until the bar closes! Depending on the atmosphere, there is a high chance the bar stays open past the regular closing time.
東京都港区赤坂4丁目3−27 2階
080-8700-8528 (fluent English speaker)(Please mention JAPAN for making reservations)
Tue-Sat: 6pm-11pm (LO 10pm)
Sunday and Monday

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