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Blowfish & Suppon


  • Tokyo
  • Atago・Kamiyacho・Toranomon


3 minutes from Kamiyacho station, exit 3. 4 minutes from Onarimon station, exit 4.


  • ¥12,000

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Concept :

Based on the concept “Think body, think food,” WOLF is a restaurant where guests can casually enjoy seasonal various Japanese dishes, including blowfish and suppon (soft-shelled turtle). The food, which was created under the supervision of the 58th Yokozuna Chiyonofuji, the former Kokonoe stablemaster, a legend of sumo who passed away in 2016, is good to build a flexible and strong body. The name of the restaurant “Wolf” comes from his nickname when he was active.

Key Points :

Their signature dish, grilled blowfish, which is lightly grilled tiger blowfish marinated with an original sauce (leeks, salt, garlic, spicy miso, plum, soy sauce, koji bacteria and yuzu citrus) that is high protein and low calorie. They serve different parts of blowfish seasoned to feature the best taste; 3 varieties of boneless portions (¥4,980/2 people), 3 kinds with bone (¥4,200/ 2people) and 5 pieces featuring both (¥3,980/2people).

Recommended Dishes :

Suppon, traditionally used as a medicine to enhance nourishment, is a healthy ingredient that is low fat, low calorie and contains a lot of collagen. Suppon hot pot (¥9,800/2-3 people) is recommended throughout the year. It is made with domestic ginger that boosts the metabolism and improves immunity, while the original herbal medicine soy sauce is very flavorful. Besides these dishes, a selection of a la carte items, chosen by the former Yokozuna from all over Japan during sumo tours and the blowfish salt hot pot (¥5,600) are also popular.

The suppon hot pot course, including their signature dishes (¥12,000) and chanko hot pot course (¥9,000) are ideal for business dinners and one semi-private room is available for up to 4 people. Wolf also offers a wide range of drinks, including shochu “Chiyonofuji,” sake, wine, and Champagne.
Atago Green Hills Plaza 2F, 3-21-5 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
3 minutes from Kamiyacho station, exit 3. 4 minutes from Onarimon station, exit 4.
03-5733-3771(Please mention JAPAN for making reservations)
Mon-Fri: 5:30pm-midnight (LO), Sat, Sun & Hol: 4:30pm-11pm (LO)
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