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  • Tokyo
  • Roppongi


3 mins from Roppongi Station, exit 5

Good For

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  • Private Room
  • Non-Smoking Seats
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  • Birthday Privilege
  • English Menu

Concept :

Mezzo, meaning “middle” in Italian, is an upscale bar in the center of Roppongi that is the perfect “pre-game” spot for grabbing drinks before heading out on the town. While great for warming up, guests might not want to leave this stylish and chic bar. With 2 floors designed to have their own unique themes, customers fall in love with Mezzo’s modern and relaxing atmosphere. For a chic and exclusive evening, Mezzo is the perfect start.

Key Points :

The first floor is open to all, and guests can enjoy a variety of reasonably priced drinks (¥500~), ranging from Champagnes and cocktails to draft beers, Japanese whisky and soft drinks. The first floor has LED lighting and a DJ playing tunes quietly enough to not disrupt conversations. The second floor is home to the VIP section, requiring a PIN code and offering spacious seating at private tables, exclusive drinks and food such as grade A5 wagyu steak.

Recommended Dishes :

The majority of drinks are reasonably priced starting around ¥500 with many options to choose from. There is a "weekday fruit buffet" for guest to enjoy healthy fresh fruits while they vide to some good music. There is also a private VIP booth for more exclusive privacy and an optional limo service from Mezzo to sister location ELE TOKYO available for those who want to travel in style to the next spot. Cover charge depends on the day of the week or event sometimes with discounts available for all customers.
3 mins from Roppongi Station, exit 5
03-6438-9711(please mention JAPAN for making reservations)
Mon-Thr: 7pm-1am, Fri, Sat & Holiday Eve: 7pm-3am
Closed On:
Sundays and Holidays

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