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Main image, 3 middle images,
Body text, 3 bottom images, Data

Main image, 3 middle images,
Body text, Data

Main image, Body text (same image and text as W&D), Data, Map


Restaurant top, map, and 5 more.

Restaurant top, map, and 2 more.

Restaurant top, and map only.

You can show index links to menus and other information through the Index selection system. Depending on your restaurant, you can show links to Recommended items, Menu, Course, Lunch, Diner, Party, Drink, and A la Carte.

Data means Address, Access, Tele NO, Opening Hours, Closing Day, Number of seat, URL, and email


The 3 restaurants shown on Top Page are Highlights. They have a link to the main restaurant page itself.

Monthly Feature

The main image on the front page leads to a Monthly Feature. When a user clicks on a Monthly feature, he will be presented with a collection of restaurants that fit the theme. We base our theme on Restaurants that want to be featured in this space.

Banner Ad

Standard Banner Ad A

The banner ad that is displayed on the front page. (628×70 px)

Standard Banner Ad B

The banner ad that is displayed on internal pages. (628×70 px)