Q1: How do I search a restaurant?

You can simply search by genre of cuisine, by area, by budget and by free keyword. Please select each item and click search.

It is also possible to search by your purpose and options. Please check the check boxes you want and click search.

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Q2: I cannot find a certain restaurant.

Please change the condition of your search or reduce the number of checked items and search again.

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Q3: What does the “Good For” mark means?

  • Business ? Restaurants that have private rooms and a luxurious atmosphere and are good for entertaining business customers and business meetings.
  • Family ? Restaurants that have a kid’s menu and good for taking children out to eat.
  • Friend ? Restaurants that are good to go to with your friends, a very friendly atmosphere.
  • Couple ? Restaurants that are good for dating.
  • Group ~10 ? Restaurants that are good for a party and have private rooms (up to 10 people).
  • Big Group 10~ ? Restaurants that are good for a party and have private rooms (more than 10 people). (Link to the top page of restaurant search)

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Q4: What if there is no E-mail address for the restaurant I searched?

We only place E-mail addresses if it is possible to contact to the restaurant by E-mail. Please call the restaurant directly if there is no E-mail address.

Q1: I want to know the process for placing an ad for our restaurant.

Please enter your “Account Data”. After entering your “Account Data”, your
ID and password will be issued. Go to the “Login Area” and select the type of
advertisement you want. After you have applied for placing an advertisement,
go to “Edit and Create Ad Page” and you can create your restaurant page.

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Q2: I forgot my password.

Please send us your company name, ID and E-mail address from the “Lost Password” form.

We will send the password to your E-mail address as soon as we have confirmed your information.

Have your password sent to you.

Q3: Do I need to type in the restaurant information in English?

You can type in your restaurant information in Japanese and ask for translation.

In that case, it is possible to place advertisements both in Japanese and English.

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Q4: How do I change the restaurant information which is already on the website?

Please go to “Edit and Create Ad Page” and insert the information you want
to change and send it to us. For the English advertisement page, the information
will be uploaded after the proofreading is done.

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Q5: What should I do if I want to change the type of advertisement?

There are three types of advertisements. The length of information, the number of photos and the number of indexes are different. If you want to add more photos or if you want to display your menu, we suggest you try the type one rank up. Go to “Ad Posting” page and select the type of advertisement and click submit.

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Q6: How do I pay the advertisement fee?

You can choose the payment method from Credit Card or Bank Transfer.
Go to the “Ad Posting” page and choose the payment method you want. If you
want to pay by credit card, you only need to fill out the card information. If
you want to pay by bank transfer, we will send the invoice with the bank
information, so please pay by the payment deadline.

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Q7: Is it possible to select more than one cuisine type in the advertisement?

Yes, it is possible to select more than one in each item. Please click the boxes. For example, if your restaurant is a teppanyaki restaurant, you can choose both “Japanese” and “Teppanyaki”. If you select more than one, then the chance of your restaurant appearing in more restaurant search results will be much higher.

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Q8: How do I get reservations by E-mail?

You will get reservation E-mails, only in case you put the E-mail address in the
“Edit and Create Ad Page”. Customers who want to make a reservation will fill
out customer information on the “Booking Form”. The form will be sent to your
E-mail address through the JapanRestaurant mailer. In the “Booking Form”,
there will be information containing customer’s name, contact details
(telephone number and E-mail address), the number of people, the reservation
date, the reservation time, the budget per person, special requests and
comments. Please confirm the reservation contents to the customer by E-mail or
by phone.

Q9: I have already made and sent the advertisement page, but it has not been uploaded onto the website. When can I see the advertisement?

After sending your advertisement through the “Edit and Create Ad Page”, the advertisement will be proofread by a native English speaking editor. Normally, it will take 2 to 3 days. In case your advertisement is not uploaded on the website after 2-3 days, please contact us through the “Contact Form”. Also, the advertisement will be uploaded onto the website after your payment. In case your payment has not been processed, please pay the advertisement fee as soon as possible.

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