BWC History

BWC History

1971 February: Establishment of Business World Corporation as a private enterprise to engage in the publishing and advertising business, headed by Yasuhiro Miyata, President.

1974 May: Foundation of a monthly English guide map for foreigners, “ESCORT TOKYO”.

1974 November: Our monthly English guide map “ESCORT TOKYO” was used as an official guide map on the occasion of former U.S. President Ford’s visit to Japan. For this contribution, the company was awarded a letter of appreciation by the U.S. Embassy for promoting friendly relations between Japan and the U.S. Since then, “ESCORT TOKYO” has been used as an official guide map on the occasion of visits to Japan by VIP’s from all over the world including Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom, President Suharto of the Republic of Indonesia, and former U.S. President Carter, for which a letter of appreciation was presented to Business World by their respective Embassies.

1976 October: Foundation of a monthly entertainment news publication “ESCORT TODAY”, and the inauguration of its distribution at major hotels throughout Japan.

1979 June: “ESCORT TOKYO” was used as the official map on the occasion of the Tokyo Summit, thus securing its position as the top ranking English guide map of Japan.

1979 October: At the request of the U.S. Embassy in Japan, translation and layout activities of “Marketplace America”, a magazine concerning the promotion of U.S. industries in Japan were initiated.

1980 February: The company was reorganized into a joint-stock corporation and registered as a company with 10 million yen in capital.

1982 November: Increased regular capital to 20 million yen.

1982 November: Started hiring foreign staff and established an International Division.

1985 June: Moved from Jingumae, Shibuya-ku to Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku.

1986 April: “ESCORT TOKYO” was appointed again as an official guide map for the Tokyo Summit by the U.S.A., U.K., Germany and Canada.

1989 May: The first issue of “THE NIPPON VIEW” was published for foreign residents in Japan.

1990 July: Due to the continued expansion of the business, the offices moved from Minami-Aoyama to Shiroganedai, Minato-ku.

1991 May: “JIJ/JAPAN INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL” which was the only comprehensive general monthly magazine published in Japan, was founded.

1992 May: Changed the title of “ESCORT TOKYO” to “TOKYO DAY & NIGHT”.

1992 June: Wining & Dining in Tokyo, a twice-yearly periodical, was founded.

1995 March: “THE NIPPON VIEW SUPPLEMENT” was added to the bookstore edition of “THE NIPPON VIEW”. The contents of “THE NIPPON VIEW” expanded considerably.

1996 May: In order to cover more topics and information, and to reach a larger audience, a bookstore edition of “TOKYO DAY & NIGHT” was launched.

1999 July: In order to reach an even larger audience and provide the ultimate comprehensive lifestyle guide in Japan, “TOKYO DAY & NIGHT” and “THE NIPPON VIEW” were revised and reborn under the title of J SELECT Magazine – JAPAN SELECT MAGAZINE. Major distribution channel focused on bookstores throughout Japan.

2005 February: Published “SUPER-MINI TRAVEL ENGLISH” for Japanese readers.

2005 May: Online version of English-language restaurant guide book Wining & Dining in Tokyo was launched.

2006 December: Mari Miyata promoted to the president.

2008 July: J SELECT Magazine and Wining & Dining in Tokyo was distributed to the press at Toyako G8 Summit.

2009 November: Launched restaurant search website .