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1 minute from Roppongi Station (H04/E23), exit 4b

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Concept :

R2 SUPPERCLUB is a Tokyo-based lounge dining bar that first opened its doors in 2011. It has become one of Tokyo’s hottest night spots with its high standards of food and drink, charming service and wicked tunes spun by high-caliber DJs. The sophisticated atmosphere attracts local Japanese and expats alike. The elegant interior provides a perfect place to relax with friends after work, and guests will find a large assortment of contemporary top-shelf drinks and foods that perfectly complement the alcohol beverages. 

Key Points :

The international vibe of the lounge can be seen through its large foreign clientele and occasional foreign celebrity, and lounge-goers can expect to communicate in English with the staff without any problems. The full menu is also available in English both online and in-store. R2 SUPPERCLUB provides a complete food menu in addition to their drink menu, and many of the offerings are designed to accompany a night of drinking.
Another unique offering at R2 Supper Club is its premium cigar menu, boasting 9 bold choices of cigars with a variety of flavor profiles. With a huge assortment of drinks, food and cigars, R2 SUPPERCLUB is a place for everyone to come spend a relaxing night out!

Recommended Dishes :

The recommended dishes are the R2 chicken Caesar salad (¥2,900), char grilled R2 steak sandwich (¥1,900), kebab burrito roll (¥1,800), assorted cheese plate (¥1,400) and their most popular dish, the burger sliders (¥1,500). Although the focus at R2 is à la carte dishes designed to compliment drinking, they do also have an all-you-can-drink party plan (¥8,000) inclusive of flexible food options. Vegetarian, vegan, and halal options are available for diners with food restrictions, and R2 Supper Club even has birthday plates to celebrate the special occasion!

Recommended drinks include fresh fruit martinis (¥1,800) and fresh fruit mojitos (¥1,900), available in an assortment of flavors depending on the season, and any of their delicious margaritas (¥1,900). R2 Supper Club also recommends its Japanese whisky (¥2,000-¥10,000), as well as its special tequilas (¥1,200-¥3,800).
1F Round Cross Roppongi Bldg., 7-14-23, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
1 minute from Roppongi Station (H04/E23), exit 4b
Mon-Sat: 5pm-5am; Sun: 5pm-3am (5am if Monday is a national holiday)
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