Nippon Maguro Gyogyodan Shimbashi



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  • Tokyo
  • Shimbashi


1 minute from Shimbashi station

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Concept :

Inspired by a lively portside izakaya, Nippon Maguro Gyogyodan (Japan tuna fishermen’s cooperative) serves delicious tuna the way the hearty anglers who catch the fish eat. The chef, who grew up in a fishing village and has experience in both Japanese and famous seafood restaurants, serves a variety of tuna dishes perfectly prepared using the best cooking techniques. Diners are invited to enjoy the flavors of various cuts of tuna and authentic Japanese dishes.

Key Points :

The must-try item is all-you-can-serve on one plate tuna sashimi (¥100), limited to before 7 pm on weekdays, any time on weekends and holidays. The signature dish includes 5 kinds of tuna sashimi (¥890/person) and wild caught Southern Bluefin tuna big slice sashimi (20cm~30cm: ¥1,890), which you can taste only here, has various tuna parts, including red tuna and fatty tuna on one plate. A la carte menu such as tuna sushi (¥390/2p) and Yakitori (¥120) goes well with an all-you-can-drink 70 kinds of Japanese sake for 1 hour (¥1,800).

Recommended Dishes :

The reasonable fishermen courses, including all-you-can-drink, start from just ¥2,980. The Hama course (¥4,000) includes 9 dishes and drinks for 2.5 hours, while the deluxe course (¥7,000) is perfect for special occasions, featuring 11 dishes such as large-sliced sashimi, shabu-shabu, steak and 3 hours of drinks. With private rooms available for 6 to 100 people, Nippon Maguro Gyogyodan is ideal to satisfy seafood appetites.
Renga Dori Kaikan 4F, 2-14-3 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
1 minute from Shimbashi station
03-3539-4035(please mention JAPAN for making reservations)
Mon-Thu, Sat, Hol: 5pm-midnight, Fri: 5pm-3am
Closed On:

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