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Creative Japanese & Sake with Digital Art


  • Ueno・Okachimachi・Yushima


1 minute from Ueno-Hirokoji station, 2 minutes from JR Okachimachi station, 8 minutes from Ueno station.

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Concept :

The culinary creations of molecular gastronomy have enjoyed a boom in recent years, with tasty textures and scintillating smokes providing a feast for all five senses. Hidden away in the center of the busy and bustling Ueno district lies Molecu-L, a chic and stately gem of a restaurant concocting and constructing one-of-a-kind, Insta-worthy dishes. Since opening in autumn 2018, guests arriving at the restaurant are likely to be taken by the stylish and fashionable decor. Finished in dark tones and wood, the elegantly lit interior is warm, welcoming, cosy and comfortable. Friendly, attentive and professional staff are quick to greet diners, making them feel at immediately at home as they show guests to their seats. The space features both table and counter seats.

Key Points :

Offsetting the dark hues of the interior, is a projection mapping feature that covers the entire wall behind the bar. Ranging from bright and colorful patterns showcasing sake to seasonal scenes, the images projected on the wall change to perfectly complement the dishes and drinks as they are presented. With lunch and dinner featuring courses chosen and expertly and beautifully prepared by the chef and available by reservation only, some diners may feel a hint of trepidation at trying such a new take on food as molecular gastronomy. Any fears will be laid to rest as the course menu items are meticulously spelled out in English and Japanese, and staff are available to answer any questions about each delicious plate.

Recommended Dishes :

A variety of courses are available: ¥7,500 to ¥10,000 for food only, anniversary course with a glass of sparkling wine and a message plate (+¥2,000), main dish upgrade from Japanese black beef to Kobe Beef (;¥2,000), free-flowing drinks (+¥4,000) and sake pairing (+¥5,000). The dishes themselves are individual works of art, with some stunningly recreating a miniature carefully tended, traditional Japanese rock garden, while others pay homage to works of art by some of Japan’s most well-known artists. In pairing drinks with the dishes, sake experts and neophytes alike are sure to be impressed with how thorough the staff has been in choosing top-notch sake that perfectly brings out the very best each dish has to offer. Examples of possible dishes on offer include a presentation of grilled, pureed and reconstituted tomatoes, alongside a pureed spinach and sesame pousse cafe with baked bamboo shoots served with a foamed soy butter sauce. Another amazing creation is a “deep-fried prawn” made in a special molecular cooker that leaves water molecules intact in the food, making for a wonderfully succulent morsel. Wrapping up the meal is watermelon and melon milk, instantly frozen with liquid nitrogen, as well a frozen pineapple ice treat. For a truly unique experience, Molecu-L offers diners a chance to try wild and wonderful, flavorful and fancy delectable delights created through molecular gastronomy and paired with the finest sake Japan has to offer. Tokyoites and visitors alike should not miss the chance to try this amazing dining experience.
GAOH Kuromon Bldg. 4F, 2-1-9 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo
1 minute from Ueno-Hirokoji station, 2 minutes from JR Okachimachi station, 8 minutes from Ueno station.
03-3836-0539 (Reservation Required. Please mention JAPAN for making reservations)
Mon-Fri & Day before Holiday: 7pm-9pm, Sat & Sun: 6pm-8pm
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