KISOJI Kitashinchi



  • Japanese
  • Shabu-Shabu・Sukiyaki
  • Sushi
  • Tempura


  • Osaka


1 minute from Kitashinchi sation


  • ¥1,500〜¥2,000
  • ¥7,000〜¥8,000

Good For

  • business
  • family
  • friends
  • couple
  • group
  • big group
  • Private Room
  • Non-Smoking Seats
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Party Menu
  • All You Can Drink Plan
  • English Menu

Concept :

KISOJI is a Japanese restaurant specializing in shabu-shabu using high grade Japanese wagyu beef and authentic kaiseki cuisine created by skilled craftsmen utilizing seasonal ingredients. With 123 stores across Japan, KISOJI’s shabu-shabu dipped in a delicious secret peanut, walnut and sesame sauce, along with a signature menu rich with flavor is loved by customers of all ages. This shabu-shabu menu uses plenty of vegetables and cuts excess oil, making it extremely healthy. The specially made sukiyaki, which pairs perfectly with soy sauce, is also very popular. In addition to dishes featuring wagyu beef, items such as seasonal sushi, tempura and tofu yuba dishes are served in the winter.

Key Points :

The shops are very calm, with each offering private rooms with table and tatami seating, while the main dining areas have plenty of available seating and space. A variety of large and small private rooms are carefully prepared. Staff wearing kimono will welcome guests in a true show of Japanese hospitality, perfect for entertaining important guests. There are several branches with private rooms with sunken kotatsu, as well as large halls, making them ideal for hosting large groups of people for year-end parties, welcome parties for companies and also family ceremony gatherings such as Omiyamairi (a baby’s first shrine visit), Okuizome (a baby’s first meal), Shichi-go-san, Yuino (engagement ceremony) and other special events. Parking lots and shuttle buses are also available at certain locations.

Recommended Dishes :

Seasonal shabu-shabu course (8 dishes: ¥7,810, 9 dishes: ¥8,580, ¥10,230), seasonal kaiseki course (¥4,400, ¥5,500, ¥7,700) using seasonal ingredients are recommended. Additionally, the classic shabu-shabu/sukiyaki course and the congratulations and condolences kaiseki courses range from ¥5,500 to ¥7,920. Children's menus and a hypoallergenic menu are also available.
Grand Palais 2-3F, 1-3-26 Sonezaki-Shinchi, Kuta-ku, Osaka city, Osaka
1 minute from Kitashinchi sation
06-6347-4711 (Please mention JAPAN for making reservations)
Mon-Sat: Lunch 11:30am-3pm (LO 2:30pm); Dinner: 5pm-10pm (LO 9:00pm); Sun & Hol: Lunch: 11:30am-3pm (LO 2:30pm); Dinner: 5pm-9:30pm (LO 9pm)
Closed On:
156 seats
Credit cards accepted:
  • visa
  • master
  • jcb
  • amex
  • diners
  • applepay
  • rakutenedy

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