Grandciar Hayamaan



  • French


  • Yokohama


5 minute walk from Minato-mirai station

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Concept :

In an elegant location slightly removed from the busy center of Minato-Mirai, Yokohama, Grandciar Hayamaan is a modern and sophisticated restaurant with a tranquil atmosphere. Sample refined, healthy, natural French cuisine made with Japanese ingredients which are produced in the local area, making the best use of their freshness, and also classic Japanese seasonings such as soy sauce and miso. The chef visits the local market each morning to hand pick the best vegetable of the day, ensuring a burst of color on your plate. Using the freshest and most vibrant produce available means less need for butter or cream, so you can enjoy the vegetables’ natural flavor with a clear conscience. Other ingredients, such as beef and seafood, also come directly from local producers the chef knows personally so that you can fully enjoy the original fresh flavor it has. It’s French cuisine, but you’ll be surprised by how many Japanese items appear on the menu. Recommended dishes include the custard-like egg steamed in a cup of foie gras and “Akaza Ebi,” which is usually hard to get, or Hayama Beef. After the main dish, diners are also treated to rice and miso soup cooked with seasonal food and style. Grandciar Hayamaan has three outstanding private rooms, each with its own theme. Choose from the tranquil Japanese-style room with a waterfall, an elegant room with a sofa, or the fun loft-style Japanese room. (Advance reservation is required for all rooms.) Also, happy couples can hold wedding ceremonies at their chapel located next door.
Filmee 1F, 5-3-1 Minato Mirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama
5 minute walk from Minato-mirai station
045-227-3785(please mention JAPAN for making reservations)

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