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15 minutes by taxi from Kyoto station. 10 minutes from Gion bus stop and Gion Shijo station.


  • ¥11,000-¥23,100
  • ¥11,000-¥23,100

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Concept :

Gion Hatanaka is a culinary Ryokan in Kyoto where guests can enjoy a wonderful view surrounded by famous sightseeing spots such as Kiyomizu Temple, Kenninji Temple, Chiein Temple and Yasaka Shrine, which is famous for the Gion Festival. With its structure designed in the “ginkaku” style of the Muromachi period, Hatanaka was created in the present age, valuing the simplicity of the Higashiyama culture. Visitors can enjoy the simple wisdom of Higashiyama culture in a Japanese-style room while enjoying Kyoto cuisine that is not only delicious, but also visually appealing. Only the most authentic Kyoto cuisine is served there, using seasonal ingredients in each of the elegant dishes. The plates prepared by Hatanaka’s master chef are nothing short of works of art.

Key Points :

All dining rooms are completely private with both tatami mats and table seats available, and although located in a major metropolitan area, the greenery that surrounds the establishment and can be seen from within gives the feeling of being in a pristine natural environment. Other features include traditional furnishings, a Koya-maki bath, and vintage street lamps lining the halls connecting the separate rooms. Here, luxury and playfulness meet and guests will be introduced to a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Recognized as a Designated Store (DS) by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hatanaka is often used for meetings and entertaining foreign diplomats, and thus is an ideal venue for overseas visitors to experience a Kyoto-style inn.

Recommended Dishes :

Special events are common at Hatanaka, including the “Kyoto Cuisine and Maiko Evening,” which is held on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. This is an event where guests can enjoy Kyoto cuisine and parlor games while having a chat with maiko at a dinner show (maximum 40 people). The price is ¥19,000 and includes free-flowing drinks. Photography is allowed so that the memory of this evening can be preserved forever. Courses include the Kyoto Kaiseki course (12 dishes), which runs from ¥11,000 to ¥23,100, and celebration Kaiseki course (12 dishes), costing from ¥13,200 to ¥23,100.

*The prices are subject to change.
505 Gion Minamigawa, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
15 minutes by taxi from Kyoto station. 10 minutes from Gion bus stop and Gion Shijo station.
075-541-5315 (Please mention JAPAN for making reservations)
Lunch: 11:30am-; Dinner: 6pm- (LO 7:30pm) Ryokan: Check-in: 3pm; Check-out: 10am
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