The interior of epicer is sophisticated and elegant, decorated with artwork from leading artists and offering stunning private rooms for groups of two to fourteen people. At epicer you can enjoy a perfect combination of Chinese cuisine partnered with fine wines from France and California, all served up in classic French style. The food is presented with an eye towards creating a visual feast as well as a literal one, with the food arranged beautifully on the plates. The atmosphere of epicer is much like a private retreat and the world's VIPs and celebrities regularly visit and enjoy the calm, privacy and flavors on offer there. The food is fantastic with the Japanese Kinka pork being a favorite; this pork comes from two farms in Japan where the animals are fed on a special diet, like rice or nongenetically modified plants, and the restaurant creates dishes that some guests have called miracles. The restaurant offers course dinners that run between 7,350 and 15,750 that bring together all of the elements to make your meal memorable. Located just six minutes from Hiroo station, epicer is a tranquil, private space to enjoy excellent food in an atmosphere that feels like your own private club.

Address: 東京都港区西麻布4-10-7
Access: 6 minute walk from Hiroo station
1F Nishi Azabu 410 Building, 4-10-7 Nishi Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Telephone: 03-5468-3996 (please mention JAPAN for making reservations)
Hours: 6pm - 1am (Mon - Sat)
Closed On: Sunday
Seating: 34